POWEROLL is the powered fabric winder machine, the digital evolution of the Easyroll machine. Equipped with speed control, you can rewind many type of fabric, cut pieces, inspect and have measurements thanks to electronic meter that can be set to a specific length to stop the machine automatically when the value is reached, for example to split a parent reel in pieces. All these tasks will be easy with the practical and affordable POWEROLL machine. POWEROLL has a Stainless Steel Worktop for a low friction, anti-wear and antistatic, it’s also equipped with a large and solid shelf for the storage of the cardboard tubes or fabric rolls, the shelf is made in white solid core laminate. With its wheels you can move POWEROLL wherever you want, POWEROLL requires a tiny space.


The Siemens® & Shneider Electric® electronics components ensure reliability and safety . The safety rope placed on the front side of the machine ensures the immediate stop of the rollers in case of emergency. Accurate and reliable with its digital electronic counter, with a common cutter you can straightly cut pieces with precision thanks to a cutting slit. The parent reel is easily hosted on a rear roller cradle and the fabric will be rolled up on the front of the machine by two rubbered rolls. POWEROLL is supplied assembled, just the rear cradle need to be placed, provided with tools you can place cradle of your poweroll in 10 minutes and start!
It’s equipped with operating and maintenance booklet and EC compliance.

Technical features :


description value notes
Power supply 220/240V 50 Hz
Power 400 W
Rolling speed 0-22 m/min (0-38 yd/min) Version BASIC 0-40 m/min (0-44 yd/min) Version MIDI & TOP
Maximum width fabric measured* A- 165 cm (63.00 in) B- 195 cm (75.00 in) *Customized width available on request up to 350 cm
Maximum diameter of the parent reel 500 mm ~ / 20.00 in
Measurement scale res 1 cm
Overall dimensions (approx) 1.9/2.2*2.1*1 m * (LxDxH)
CE compliance
Made in Italy by MARIM

POWEROLL is available in three versions :


TOP With digital electronic counter meter & speed control.
MIDI Analog counter meter & speed control (upgradeable at a later time)
BASIC Start & Stop with analog (mechanical) counter meter.

POWEROLL VIDEO – Click Below to watch the Video


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